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The Moment of Truth

So What Is Haptic Marketing?

The Power of Touch

Haptic information is the information we acquire using the power of touch. Haptic marketing is a relatively new and cutting-edge discipline that focuses on the use of tactile sensations to influence purchasing.

Back in the olden days, when shopping was done primarily in person, we frequently used haptic feedback in our product assessments—we felt fabrics, pushed buttons, squatted in jeans, and squeezed cantaloupes.

However, thanks to the rise of e-commerce, we now see things in picture form and use product specs and customer reviews to fill in the gaps of our understanding.

In many cases, we don’t hold what we’ve bought until the box arrives. In some cases, that leads to disappointment: “This fabric isn’t as sturdy as I thought it would be” or “These headphones don’t feel comfortable.”

While we may think of ourselves as omnichannel marketers, our shift to digital has caused us to overlook a critical offline channel: Skin. 

Our dermis is the biggest bodily organ, and it is stuffed with tissue and sensory receptors that allow us to feel pressure, pain, texture, vibrations, and temperature, among other sensations. These receptors can trigger behavior. A field of science called “embodied cognition” argues that the loci of our decision-making isn’t simply in our brain as previously thought, but influenced or even led by the body.

Even though we can buy anything and everything on the web today, 56% of consumers surveyed recently by RetailDive said they still visit retail stores to first see or touch products before buying online.

The race is now on to hack the haptics: More Touch = More Sales

This is where Taktiful can help.

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