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Taktiful Case Study: Fuse Graphics
Breathing New Life Into Digital Print Embellishment Sales


For modern print shops, digital print embellishments can be a game-changer, offering a way to impress customers while boosting revenue. However, many printers underutilize their equipment, failing to showcase the value of embellishments. Taktiful's eight-week Digital Print Embellishment training addresses this, covering sales, marketing, estimating, quoting, design, and production.


Founded in 1988, Fuse Graphics is a Georgia-based commercial printer and marketing services provider, offering advanced prepress, press, bindery, and fulfillment solutions. Despite early adoption of digital embellishments, they struggled with effective sales. Taktiful’s training through Xerox transformed their approach, leading to a significant increase in sales team confidence and customer engagement.


Challenges Overcome:

  • Underutilized Equipment: Fuse Graphics wasn't maximizing their digital embellishment equipment.

  • Disengaged Sales Team: The team lacked enthusiasm and effort in selling embellishments.

  • Inconsistent Pricing: Without a clear strategy, pricing varied greatly.

  • Lack of Customer Awareness: Ineffective marketing left customers unaware of the benefits of digital embellishments.


Measurable Results:

  • Stronger Sales Strategy: The sales team is now educated and motivated to sell digital embellishments.

  • Consistent Pricing: Understanding industry norms has clarified their pricing strategy.

  • Improved Customer Awareness: New marketing strategies have increased awareness of their offerings.

  • Enhanced Value: Fuse Graphics is beginning to see more value from their embellishment equipment.


The Benefits of Taktiful Training:

  • Consistent Pricing: Improved knowledge for accurate pricing.

  • Stronger Sales: Better equipped sales team with effective strategies.

  • Improved Marketing: Successful tactics like A/B testing and lookbooks.

  • Culture Change: A shift towards a consultative sales approach, engaging all team levels.


Taktiful's training has transformed Fuse Graphics' approach to digital embellishments, resulting in a more engaged sales team, better pricing strategies, and improved customer awareness. The holistic engagement across the company has set them apart as leaders in the niche market of digital print embellishments.


Why Taktiful?

We at Taktiful are not just software providers but partners in your journey to innovation and enhanced profitability. Our trainings and tools are designed with the insights and expertise of industry veterans, ensuring that they meet the real-world needs of print embellishment professionals. From increased efficiency to higher profitability, our solutions pave the way for businesses to excel in a competitive market.


Discover the Full Story of Transformation

Learn more about how Taktify has empowered Fuse Graphics to redefine their operational processes and unlock new growth opportunities. Read the full case study here.

Embark on your journey towards transformational growth with Taktiful, where technology meets craftsmanship in the art of print.

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John Carlin, VP

Listen to what John Carlin, VP, of Fuse Graphics, has to say

about her experience with Taktiful.

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