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President and Founder

Kevin Abergel brings two decades of successfully selling and marketing luxury print with digital embellishments and universal design to companies all over the world.

He dedicates his time to solving his customers business problems through innovative printing technologies, all with a keen eye on increasing brand engagement, increasing brand recognition, and increasing brand awareness for their products.

He believes the key to selling more product is by bringing its value proposition directly to the packaging.

He devotes a considerable amount of time thinking strategically about how this can be done using embellishments and other finishes.

He continues to study the effects of how luxury print leaves a deeper footprint in the brain, and why brands are remembered long after the box has been opened.

He embodies the idea that consumers buy packaging first and products second and empowers his team to innovate and disrupt the status quo.

Prior to founding taktiful, Kevin worked his way up the ranks at MGI Digital Technology where he worked with his father and his uncles and played an instrumental role in driving the sales and marketing of digital embellishments and luxury print.

His roles at MGI include Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Americas and APAC, North American Marketing Manager, EMEA Sales & Marketing Manager, Director of EMEA Marketing, among others.

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Kevin's Case Studies

Elite Print Finishing

Sales Training

Steven Roberts is the President of Elite Print Finishing, based in Burlington, North Carolina.   After purchasing an MGI Digital Embellishment Press, Steve soon realized they needed to learn a new way to market and sell tactile print based on value, not price.

He promptly signed his team up for the sales and marketing training that was being offered on digital embellishments.

Kevin's Areas of Expertise

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